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This type of game can be played in single or double duels, by testing your skills and talent that you put into practice since you were young, remember pleasant moments, and actively with what you enjoy.
This game is played individually or in pairs; the idea is to see who wins in the five games with a score of 11 for each one, or if you belong to the past era that was played up to 21 points, it also does not matter what you can enjoy.
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Other board gaming tables that this website put at your disposal is to play air hockey; if you like to enjoy different moments with your family and friends, this table is ideal for you, since this is a very addictive and fun game.
In the same way, this is a game for two people, and in the larger tables, you can play four or two pairs; this game is very fun, it allows you to put your skills and abilities into practice.
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