What are the other fun events to do at the vineyard?

When in wine tour there is more than just savoring the wine and looking at vines. There are a lot of other events that can make this tour worth your time. Wine tour in Tuscany has a lot of other activities planned that may interest the kids and all the other age groups as well.

The wine tour in Tuscany is incomplete without looking at the beautiful wine cellar. The host leads you to the cellar degustation room for 5 types of wine tasting. The wine tasting is limited to adults, the kids can indulge in pasta making or baking. Other than that, there are ceramic and textile painting for the people with an artistic eye.
Along with other events, the winery can also organize for an off-road picnic or a picnic food and wine pairing basket. There is a real-life experience in the art of pairing food with wine.
These events can keep a wine tour alive and be useful for understanding how things are interrelated to each other. Any winery host will let its tourist first have a free sample of wine. Then with the progression of time, they will teach the art of wine degustation. The 7s of drinking the wining even before the actual sip. The wine tour can teach a lot of things about viniculture. It will be a highlighting educational experience for the children. The science behind each factor or trait is to be understood. That is what wineries in Tuscany do. They take you down the lane of vines and help savor every moment of it.
It is a good gesture to buy a bottle of wine before leaving the winery as this is their major source of earning.