Migrating to Canada through the economic category program

You will learn from canada immigration consultants in dubai that Canada admits new permanent residents to their country under four categories; economic stream, family sponsorship, protected persons and refugee, humanitarian or other. It means that you have the option of going to Canada as a citizen in either of the four categories.

Economic category
It is a model that has been touted as one that should be emulated by other countries. Most of the economic immigrants come through the high skilled federal worker programs. Most people apply through a system that prefers younger candidates with a high level of education and job offers, language proficiency that is French and English, and experience.
After every two weeks, there is an application from the government for the top-ranking individuals to apply for permanent residency. A comprehensive and expensive process includes testing for language proficiency and screening of the biometrics. Within six months, most candidates get a response.
The other pathway for economic immigration to Canada is the program for the provincial nominee. Though the program is similar to the Quebec specific programs, you are to apply to an individual province, which then picks candidates that are going to fill their needs economically.
It is the federal government that still has to approve the provincial programs for the immigrants but grants the most permanent residency. The provincial approach of immigration in Canada has sparked a lot of interest even in the USA, which feels that starting regional programs might bolster the growth it is dwindling population cities.
Cities like Michigan try to set aside some visas for attracting high skilled immigrants, but it has not happened yet. It is possible to go to Canada through Canada immigration from Dubai, where you will be helped to migrate using the economic program. Many people have used the same to go to Canada.