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An investigation of the University of the State of Florida, in the United States, found that the number of selfies published on Instagram can be directly linked to the way a person feels and can have a negative impact on personal relations.

The team of scientists, led by Jessica Ridgeway and Russell Clayton, analyzed accounts 420 Instagram users between 18 and 62 years to explore whether satisfaction with body image is synonymous with self-portraits in social networks and whether the publication of these pictures on the network constant is related to conflicts or negative romantic “Hollywood endings”. They asked them how many selfies take per day, how it made them feel and the State of its relations of friendship and romantic.

The results reported a direct connection between body satisfaction and social perception, with increased levels of self-esteem when network users respond well (with “likes”). When a picture doesn’t become so popular, reduced satisfaction.

Example of this obsession with the Instagram is the Australian model Essena O’Neill, of 19 years — to 785 1000 followers on the network, after many “likes”, contracts with model agencies, fashion designers, advertising companies, closed its Instagram. “I found myself drowning in illusion. Social networks are not real “, justified, adding that the Instagram this is” a system based on social approval, likes and dislikes, of validation on the basis of the views, the success among followers–is a perfectly orchestrated trial “. “And that got me consumed.”

American research confirms and alerts to the conflicts arising from the need for “likes”. “These results suggest that when Instagram users promote their body satisfaction through a selfie in the social network, the risk of discussion related with the Instagram arises”, summarizing the researchers Instagram is a very popular social network so by that reason alone it becomes profitable for people to buy Instagram followers in order to boost their accounts and become more appealing for brands to sponsor.

The Instagram is currently one of the most popular applications on the Internet. His rise was swift, something that didn’t go unnoticed to Facebook. Let’s learn a little about this success story.

The Instagram is an application for sharing photos and videos, which functions as a social network. It was founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Systrom is the CEO of the company.

Both are software engineers. Systrom is American and Krieger is Brazilian. Attended Stanford University together and, after they leave the University, founded the Instagram in San Francisco (USA).

The Instagram was initially released as a photo sharing application for mobile phones, but proved so popular that it was expanded for sharing videos too. Users tend to use smartphones-as the Apple iPhone.

This application has proven to be very good for advertisers, and several companies use it to promote their products. One such company is Disney. The popularity of Instagram ensures a good financial return.

The Instagram allows its users to create a public profile and incorporates elements of social networking. However, it remains essentially an application for mobile devices and not a “traditional” social network.

Two years after it was founded, the Facebook bought it for about 1000 million, having promised that Instagram would remain independent.

The most controversial decision was taken on 18 December 2012 day, when changed its terms of use to spend selling pictures of users for commercial purposes, without the author of the picture that the consent or receive any financial compensation. The Instagram backtracked on a decision three days later, but still lost many of its users.